Digital Corporate Training – 5 Challenges and How to Solve Them

In today’s technologically run world the possibilities to create fun, efficient and engaging digital corporate training are seemingly endless. The tools that are at manager or trainer’s disposal are more cutting-edge and interactive than ever.

With tech advances like virtual reality and live video exploding training has some pretty exciting times ahead. Not surprisingly, most companies use either blended or solely digital corporate training yet it doesn’t come without its own unique challenges.

So what can your organization do to make sure your training is successful and cost efficient?

Here are five common challenges and useful ways to overcome these obstacles in the workplace — so that every employee’s training process can go smoothly.

Challenge #1 The glaze over/ Burnout of Digital Corporate Training

With online training the dropout rates are high. Numbers vary from 35% churn to 54% for online courses and higher than 90% for MOOCs. When Enabley started to work with a South American partner, they reported a staggering 60% drop-out rate from their flagship vocational training programs. Moreover, completion of online programs doesn’t necessarily mean success, as described in this report: in some cases, it’s higher than 60%. Simply staring at a screen can be boring, especially if you’re new to a subject and not understanding what’s going on, or if it’s going too fast.


Make your training courses interactive with videos, games and quizzes – keep learners engaged and following along in the process to make it a complete learning experience that involves all their senses. Make sure the training is available on all devices for easy access using next-generation solutions like like with T2k Echo.

Challenge #2 Not spending too much time on Digital Corporate Training

You want to get your employee working as soon as possible with cost-effective training. You don’t want the training to last forever but the amount of material you need to go through to properly train is lengthy.

Solution: Ease and fun

Break it up. A person can get overwhelmed by consecutive days of training and not retain as much information as they would if it was broken up into chunks and there was some hands-on work in between. This is also known as microlearning or chunking, which doesn’t just mean it’s small but also very focused and personalized.

Challenge #3 Creating quality training content

Just like you need the right person for the job, you need the right training instructors, materials and methods to deliver a training message.


Get the right kind of training for the right position. Does the training fit the job? Are the instructors knowledgeable and accessible for questions? Make sure it’s tailored to the position.

Find a delivery method: web-conference, web-based, simulation, blended learning, etc. that best accomplishes the desired learning outcome.

Challenge #4 Lack of commitment from employees

If management sees training as a bother then their employees will also see it as a mundane task and not treat it as a way to develop their education.


Executives and managers must approach this process with commitment and support. If they see it as important and valuable then the trainee’s will as well. There needs to be a way, for example, video conferencing, for employees to contact managers and ask questions throughout the process.

Challenge #5 Monitoring performance

Did it work? Evaluating the training even with digital courses can be tough.


Use a system that comes with built-in monitoring like Enabley. This will allow you to monitor but also adjust the training sessions and instantly improve learning while still in the process, or for future training! Enabley has comprised a set of tools that can plug into any learning environment. Its underlying principles combine the pillars of effective learning with best practices for scalable software platforms.

The Takeaway:

Digital education can be flat and boring and leads to dropouts. Your platform needs simulating tools and the capability to monitor and track employee’s progress daily. Get a free demo of Enabley and see the difference today in your training!

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