Learning and Development Thought Leaders every Training Manager should know

The training world is changing fast and we’re noticing some more major advances coming, so who would be the best Learning and development thought leaders to follow for training updates in 2023? Clients and managers are more demanding; markets are adapting, and industries are digitizing, so the needs, features, and overall learning culture is thriving. With more and more people positioning themselves as experts, it’s increasingly difficult to cut out the noise and find the right people to follow in your niche.

As a training manager in 2023, you’ll need to remain agile, resilient, and up-to-date with major trends. There’s no more waiting for management to make moves, It’s vital to make sure to follow the right people so that you have all the information & support to manage the future of your organization’s training and growth, especially with training the deskless workforce.

“People think of the ‘E’ in eLearning as ‘electronic’. And certainly it’s electronic. But here’s a few more E’s – Everywhere learning, Everyday learning, Engaging learning, Evolving learning”

Elliot Masie
People gathering to discuss learning and development

The learning and development Thought Leaders to follow

Why follow anyone?

Whether you are seeking training advice, networking with peers or sourcing new suppliers, social media, and especially LinkedIn is a formidable platform that can help you expand your learning or training horizons. Find some out-of-box ideas from Learning and development thought leaders to increase engagement or hear about new learning paths.  Even collaborate or join discussions with thought leaders and peers. But there is no doubt, that time is of the essence, and the need to stay focused on these platforms is crucial.

Finding the best profiles to engage with and follow can be a bit confusing. At the time of writing this, LinkedIn had over 822 million members, spread across 200 countries worldwide. The words “needle in a haystack” spring to mind, however, fear not, we’re here to provide a snapshot of 5 of the most interesting training and development profiles guaranteed to brighten up any LinkedIn feed. Of course, the list can go on and on, so if we’ve missed your favorites, we’d love to hear about it in the comments!

So in no particular order, lets dive in to our top choices:

Craig Weiss – CEO and Analyst at TCWG

If you are unfamiliar with Craig’s site and advice, run, don’t walk, and follow immediately! Craig’s weekly blog is a treasure trove of valuable insight and on-the-moment hints and tips. Regularly sharing his valuable thoughts on industry trends and annual LMS lists, Craig is widely considered as one of the top industry thought leaders since the 90’s.

Christopher Pappas – Founder of ELearningIndustry.com Let’s face it, what would we do in the Learning technology space without eLearningIndustry.com. A fantastic resource for up-to-date trends, news, and discussions, with over 150 articles written every month.

Rebecca Stromeyer – Founder and CEO of eLearning Africa and Conference Chair at OEB Global Conference

Founding and now chairing the OEB global conference shows Rebecca’s insight into the depth of this industry, ensuring a global discussion takes place annually. The conference is attended by thousands of delegates from all sectors and takes place in many corners of the world, looking at innovative solutions for learning, skills development, and training. With a hugely impressive resume, Rebecca had the forethought to create learning and mentoring networks and keeps her finger on the pulse of any updates.

Laura Overton – Founder of Learning Changemakers, Industry Analyst, and Speaker

As an experienced international speaker, Laura passionately facilitates discussions on organizational learning challenges and exploring technical solutions. Regularly sharing good practice findings as a keynote presenter at conferences around the globe and through masterclasses, webinars and seminars. As she says herself, Laura is “continually curious” about learning innovation and business impact so connect with her for some great thorough insights.

Donald H Taylor – Chair of Learning Technologies Conference

Well-recognized in the field of learning and development, Donald is a major influence when it comes to up-skilling and technology. Having spent his professional career developing the learning community, Donald now focuses on bringing together people and ideas to create space for useful conversations in learning – through events, research, and writing.

With such a vast range in the industry, we could go on forever with other influential thought leaders in all sorts of genres and with all sorts of specialties. If there’s someone in particular that you think should be added, let us know in the comments!

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