A Focus on the Frontline Workforce in 2024

For a recent report, quinyx.com came out with some fascinating figures with a focus on the frontline. In a survey of over 12,000 Deskless workers from various industry sectors, one thing remains apparent, Deskless workers want more!

The enlightening report highlights the current state of feeling among the Deskless Workforce. Emphasizing challenges and spotlighting areas of improvement it showed a concerning 66% of people surveyed experienced high levels of stress. Some factors affecting stress were attributed to communication challenges with management and a lack of career development or learning opportunities. 

So, equipping all workers with the tools and training they need to thrive, wherever they work, might help combat some of those growing stress levels. Enabley’s mission for some time has been to empower the Deskless Workforce. We’ve made Deskless workers our “Heroes”, relying on them to make sure the world keeps running. The key function of Enabley is to make learning and development easy and accessible for anyone, anywhere, anytime. And, as a leading learning and development solution, Enabley is dedicated to addressing these challenges so we honed in on some of our key takeaways from the report. 

Prioritize Effective Communication

Creating a learning culture in an organization is never easy, it requires a management buy-in from the top down. Be conscious of clear and concise communication, potentially available in many languages, A consistent message is also vital for deskless workers who may not have regular direct access to email. In addition, place QR codes on machinery and tags wherever deskless workers may need extra training. QR codes lead perfectly to extra information without any fuss. Especially ensuring that workers are always informed and heard can significantly reduce stress and confusion.  

quote from quinyx report

Invest in Leadership Training

Training programs for all levels will equip managers with the skills to lead effectively, communicate clearly, and support their teams. It is important to encourage deskless workers to take on responsibility and leadership by simplifying all processes. Moreover, make the interface and all access as easy and understandable as possible, so Mario and all like him can use it.

Provide Continuous Learning Opportunities

Create a culture of continuous learning by offering ongoing training and learning opportunities via a content library or catalog. This makes subsequent courses or learning paths accessible and supports on-the-job learning. Additionally, access in-person expert online workshops, or cross-training in different roles or other interests. Continuous learning not only improves skills but also keeps workers engaged and invested in their roles. Moreover, further microlearning workshops, virtual courses, and direct mentorship programs help employees grow their skills and establish a sense of belonging in the organization. The catalog available on Enabley directs learners in their path with the AI suggesting supplement continual learning. 

Embrace Technological Advancements

Interestingly, 75% of the deskless workers interviewed felt that companies could introduce more user-friendly technology to make daily tasks easier and more efficient. Mobile apps for task management, communication, and training can enhance productivity and reduce the frustration and miscommunication associated with outdated processes. A mobile-first approach, like that at Enabley, will directly impact the rapid updates and fast-moving pace of technology, ensuring that the platform stays ahead of the curve.

figures from quinyx.com

Foster a Supportive Work Environment

Importantly, encourage a positive and supportive work culture where deskless workers feel valued and respected. Promote teamwork and collaboration, and ensure that workers have the resources and support they need to succeed in their roles. A hybrid learning environment could encourage this approach by making training and learning opportunities fully accessible. Training should be made accessible in even the most remote of locations, or when the internet is not available. With Enabley, download training or manuals to be able to access them really wherever you are.

Deskless Learning Solutions

We’ve seen how Deskless workers are the backbone of many industries, and improving their working environment by decreasing their stress is essential. By prioritizing effective communication, strong leadership, and continuous learning opportunities, create a more supportive and productive workplace.

At Enabley, we are committed to providing the tools and training to empower deskless workers, ensuring they have the skills and support to thrive in their roles and advance their careers. We’re here to build a stronger, more resilient deskless workforce ready to meet the next challenges of the future.

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