TIME To KNOW Makes Its Mark As a Best Online Training Software of 2019

Software award

TIME To KNOW is proud to be recognized by SoftwareWorld as a Top 10 Best online training platform.

TIME To KNOW is proud to announce that is has been recognized as a ‘Best Online Training Software’ for 2019 by SoftwareWorld. This recognition confirms TIME To KNOW’s spot as a leading digital training platform that supports the delivery and assessment of online training.

TIME To KNOW is specifically designed to close business knowledge gaps in real-time and prevent the misalignment of vital business knowledge. Trainers and managers benefit by receiving live insights into the knowledge levels of their employees so they can know exactly who knows what.

Focusing on speed, agility, customization and feedback, TIME To KNOW utilizes microlearning methods, AI and NLP technologies to ensure that all teams are up to date with what they need to know – from anywhere at any time and on any device.

Here are some of the factors that contributed to TIME To KNOW’s ‘Best Online Training Software’ recognition:

  • Full online training and offline training capability
  • Faster and easier training delivery
  • Reduction in training costs
  • Access to real-time metrics and results
  • Blended learning methods
  • The ability to provide full visibility into employee knowledge levels

Unique features such as MagiContent and Google Chrome extension drastically reduce the time it takes to deliver enriched and engaging training. TIME To KNOW’s Course Builder and Knowledge Stream are training delivery capabilities that are made to meet the exact knowledge needs of organizations.

Software Award

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