Keeping up with Telecoms and Contact Center Communications

Remember the days when reaching customer service representatives meant picking up the phone and navigating a maze of dial options? Those days are fading fast.

Gone are the single-channel, phone-focused Contact Center Communications hubs of the 90’s. Today’s customer demands a seamless omnichannel experience, expecting prompt and personalized service through their preferred channels. Be it social media, email, live chat, or good old-fashioned phone calls. This multi-faceted reality throws down the gauntlet for contact centers, placing the onus on agents to master best practices across various platforms while possessing deeper product knowledge than ever before.

But the complexities don’t stop there. The modern contact center workforce shatters geographical boundaries. Agents seamlessly switch between working remotely, from dedicated communication hubs, or entirely deskless on the go. Ensuring consistent knowledge and training delivery across this diverse landscape presents a significant challenge. Especially when team members, like technicians and sales representatives, are not often in the same place, at the same time.

Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language.


Onboarding & Retention of Contact & Field Agents

As these companies expand their customer service operations to encompass a wider array of services, contact center communication channels, and technologies, the skill set required of all employees becomes increasingly specialized. Training new hires to proficiently navigate these systems and effectively engage with customers can be both time-consuming and resource-intensive.

Here’s where the challenge intensifies: Equipping agents and field workers with the necessary knowledge while fostering a long-term commitment. It requires a strategic and fun approach to onboarding and retention.

In an industry where there are rapid technological advancements and heightened competition, retaining talent becomes paramount. Provide structured onboarding programs that equip new hires with the skills and knowledge to excel in their roles at the outset. Additionally, offering avenues for professional development, such as ongoing training and clear career progression paths, is crucial to keep contact center agents and field workers motivated. Cultivating a supportive work culture and management buy-in to training plans encourages collaboration, open communication, and recognition further enhances employee satisfaction, and reduces turnover.

Without a robust strategy for onboarding and retention, these companies may struggle to maintain operational efficiency. Inconsistently trained agents or technicians can negatively impact customer experiences, ultimately hindering a company’s ability to stay competitive in the market. Investing in a skilled and engaged workforce is vital for telcos to deliver exceptional customer service and thrive.

Reduce time for Contact Center Communication Training

Mobile learning platforms offer a powerful solution to the onboarding and training hurdles faced by modern Telecommunications companies. A user-friendly platform, like Enabley, empowers companies to deliver bite-sized, engaging training modules accessible on any mobile device. Perfect for geographically dispersed teams, Deskless employees, or those with flexible schedules. This allows new hires to learn at their own pace and revisit information as needed. Thus significantly reducing onboarding time and costs. Furthermore, Enabley’s ability to track progress and identify knowledge gaps ensures all agents are equipped with the necessary skills, boosting overall agent competence and confidence.

Furthermore, the benefits can extend beyond onboarding. The fast-paced nature of contact centers, or Telecoms in general, demands continuous learning to stay ahead of the curve. Daily briefs, once lengthy in-person sessions, can be easily streamlined with a mobile platform. Allow companies to distribute key updates, product changes, or critical customer service scenarios through microlearning modules or short video clips. These short bursts of information can be accessed by agents and technicians on their mobile devices anytime, anywhere. Thus minimizing disruption to daily operations and freeing up valuable time previously dedicated to lengthy briefings. Empower all employees to quickly grasp essential information and be better prepared to deliver exceptional customer service throughout the day.

Enabley Telecommunications client, Telefonica, reports a 62% reduction in training hours, allowing to train a greater volume of students with a stronger adherence to courses, through microlearning.

Additionally, Bezeq Online, for example, also reported an astonishing 53% reduction in time taken for daily briefing, from using Enabley, helping to increase overall daily productivity. Moreover, further time is saved for employee assessments and feedback forms, since using a mobile-first deskless platform like Enabley.

Streamline Continuous Learning

It is Enabley’s aim to help companies create a culture of continuous learning by supporting self-assessment and agent feedback. Integrating seamlessly with existing performance management systems, the Enabley platform allows agents and managers to review past assessments and identify areas for personal growth, with the heat map and strong agile reporting software. Additionally, managers can leverage Enabley to deliver targeted feedback and coaching opportunities directly within the platform. Alongside the content library, packed to the brim with all sorts of personal growth content, it empowers agents to take ownership of their own development. Ultimately fostering a collaborative learning environment, enhancing overall agent performance and customer satisfaction.

From the dawn of the digital age and since the contact center landscape went through a dramatic digital transformation, customer expectations have soared. Omnichannel support and interactions with knowledgeable agents is now not just required but expected. With this immense pressure on companies to equip their workforces with the necessary skills and ensure long-term agent commitment has come the necessity for further digital transformation and enhancement.

Fortunately, deskless learning platforms like Enabley provide a powerful solution. Tackle onboarding challenges, reduce assessment time and costs, and ensure all agents possess the required skills to excel. Enabley equips contact centers with a robust platform to transcend the customer service landscape and deliver exceptional experiences that keep customers not just satisfied, but coming back for more.

As a trusted partner to leading telecommunication companies like Bezeq and Vivo, Enabley is ready to empower your agents, in the age of the empowered customer.

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