Meet our Heroes – Skai Silver – The Enabley End-User

Airport Traffic controller - one of the Enabley end users

Airport Marshall with all the moves!

Born in America with a tapestry of Korean heritage coloring her life, Skai Silver, is an Enabley end-user, and is rooted in both her American identity and the cherished traditions passed down by her parents. As a

Leaving her pet parrot, Pixel, at home, Skai embarks on her journey to work as a Ground Aircraft Traffic Coordinator at a bustling international airport. With precision, she guides planes on the tarmac, captivated by the harmonious dance of machines in motion. It’s a role that demands unwavering focus, but during her downtime between flights, or even her daily commute, Skai’s mind soars far beyond the runway.

Sparked by her company’s emphasis on health and safety regulatory training, Skai immerses herself in the world of online learning via her mobile device. From technology and aviation to more whimsical pursuits like music production or training her pet parrot, Skai transforms her daily commute into a rolling classroom, diligently going over training materials and checking for any trends she might have missed.

Back at home, Pixel patiently awaits her return, ready to showcase his new tricks at Skai’s next social gathering. These party tricks, such as cycling on a tiny bike, balancing on one leg, and rattling off all sorts of profanities, have become a source of delight for Skai’s friends, who eagerly anticipate each gathering for a glimpse of Pixel’s endearing performances.

Enabley end-user at work

While at work though, Skai diligently dives into tasks at hand, ensuring the aircrafts reach their destinations with precision and poise. Skai’s mixed interests of aviation, technology, and parrot antics paint a picture of a woman seamlessly blending technical prowess with creative flair.

The noise-canceling headphones she sports become her gateway not just to the latest trends on TikTok but also to microlearning content, a dual-purpose escape that lets her relax and expand her knowledge.

Needless to say, Skai’s parents proudly brag about all their talented daughter’s acquired skills, however, she comes about them and her friends fervently follow along for her latest finds.

The center of all the parties, as an Enabley end-user, Skai loves showing off any new skills that Pixel picks up. When called upon, she’s quick to volunteer for extra shifts or bring life and fun to any gathering.

Embracing every moment that she can to absorb knowledge and skills, she turns her commute into a scrolling classroom and her breaks in the day to a billboard of information, Skai embodies a modern, dynamic individual. Her reliability, dedication, and pursuit of love further enriching the harmonious symphony of interests that define her extraordinary journey, both personally and professionally.

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