MegaFit Case Study

MegaFit utilizes ENABLEY   to successfully provide online certifications, and reduce training costs by 30% and training time by 66%

Key Results


Increase Revenues


Reduce Total Training Costs


The Company

Megafit focuses on the investment, management and operation of large scale sports and fitness centers in China. Over the course of a 10 year development, Megafit has become one of the most distinguished fitness and leisure brands in China, opening more than 20 fitness club chains in Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Wuxi, Zhengzhou, Changzhou, Huizhou, Wuhan and Xian. As a member of IHRSA and ISPA and one of the founders of Shanghai Bodybuilding Association, Megafit also serves as a training center for East China Normal University Sports and Health Science Institute.

The Challenge

Megafit, a 1,000 employee company, needed to create a certification process for fitness trainers and administration procedures for the club administrative assistants. As China is a very large country, it was very complicated and expensive to gather all employees in one place for a training seminar. Moreover, there was no advanced learning method. In fact, they used the old traditional methods for learning - paper and pencil.

The Solution

T2K, a next-generation Ed-Tech solutions company, focused on delivery of an effective learning method, enabled Megafit to successfully provide online certifications to its employees. Utilizing ENABLEY, Megafit has easily digitized and enriched their content and courses, allowing the employees to effectively learn online. Preparation time for training of all teams usually spans 6 months. ENABLEY succeeded in reducing the timeframe to 2 months, which led to a 30% training cost reduction. The trainers and administrative assistants enjoyed ENABLEY’s unique learning solution, including active and social learning, and real-time support from their instructor whom received notification alerts on their progress and performance. These capabilities turned their training process into a productive and engaging experience, and led them to complete their certifications with a success rate of 100%.

ENABLEY gave us step-by-step guidance on how to initiate technological progress and to move forward with digital training for our employees.
Megafit aims for success and excellency at all times, and ENABLEY helped us reduce our training costs and time. ENABLEY’s remarkable technology enabled us to take our training to the next level and improve our employees’ skill set.”

Samuel Tsui | Asst. General Manager