SalaUno Case Study

Find out how Salauno used ENABLEY to increase their business operation by 4.7%

Key Results


Increase Business Operation


Reduce Total Training Costs


The Company

Salauno is an ophthalmology system that works with innovative medical and engineering processes to deliver high impact, low cost and high-quality eye treatment. With 300 employees across 19 clinics, Salauno is committed to help reduce the backlog of eye care services in Mexico.

The Challenge

Salauno wanted a more efficient way to train all their employees across the country, eliminating the need for in person and face to face training sessions. Before the implementation of ENABLEY, Salauno’s clinics would have to close for one day every month, just to keep up with training needs – halting all business operation for that day and impacting their revenue. Additionally, Salauno wanted management to access reports and metrics on the knowledge levels of all their employees.

The Solution


ENABLEY was chosen to deliver training material to employees across the country and help remove the need to close the business for one day every month. Salauno employees now receive their training on all their devices, at any time and can access it from anywhere. In addition, trainers and managers are provided with full visibility on which employees know what and to what extent through advanced real time results and metric dashboards. Salauno now enjoys the ability to connect far and wide with all their employees through an easy and effective training platform that ensures they are aligned with the vital business knowledge that they need to know. Due to a fast implementation and the adaptability of ENABLEY, Salauno found the perfect training solution to meet their specific knowledge delivery and training needs.


"Previously all our training was done in person, today we have the possibility of not closing our clinics, not to stop our operation because we have a platform that has adapted to our needs"

Elsa Chavez | Training and Development Manager