Tel Aviv University Case Study

See how Tel Aviv University Faculty of Medicine utilizes ENABLEY's training platform to shorten face-to-face learning time by 30% and improve learner performance by 10%

Key Results


Increase Revenues


Reduce Total Training Costs


The Company

The Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University, the largest in Israel, trains professionals and researchers in various medical professions. The faculty combines excellence in research with clinical work, and aims to provide learners with a solid foundation in both areas.


The Challenge

The Sackler Faculty’s goal is to train outstanding physicians with high-level theoretical knowledge, among others. 
The problem training learners in Physiology and Pharmacology intro courses was that only small number of professors and teaching assistants could provide evaluations of learner’s practices and assessments, which lead to a waste of lecturers time 

Also, the faculty needed to monitor in real-time learner performance and engagement and to turn their flat content into engaging content. 
Last, the intro courses are extremely difficult, resulting in low learner performance.

The Solution

By implementing ENABLEY's advanced training platform, Tel Aviv University easily enriched their content, thus improving the learning experience. Thanks to the ability to learn courses online provided by ENABLEY, their face-to-face learning time was shortened by 30%, which also lead to cost saving.
ENABLEY's advanced features allowed to monitor the learning process in real-time, establish knowledge base of all courses’ materials, and create a social learning community.
Delivering effective learning improved the learner performance by 10%. Furthermore, using ENABLEY's cutting edge technology positioned the lecturers and courses as more innovative, which in turn can increase learner retention.

ENABLEY's training platform provides us the tools to keep our excellency in the medicine studies at the Sackler Faculty. ENABLEY's unique technology changed the way we train our learners, so they acquire knowledge in medicine for the long term. ENABLEY allowed us to save our lecturers time, and increased our learners’ engagement and performance, who now perceive our courses and lecturers as more innovative.”

Dr. Masha Gouzman | Lecturer

The Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University