FAQ dev July 10, 2023


Why Enabley?

Since 2019, Enabley has taken on the mission to empower the Deskless workforce and develop a learning platform specifically for their needs. With mobile-first technology, we provide an integral part of training your deskless workers, wherever they are and in whatever language they need. Unlike any other platform, Enabley ensures every feature development promises to put deskless learning at the forefront. 

Why Enabley for Deskless?

Since 2020, the pandemic helped the rest of the world notice how essential our deskless workers are (at Enabley, this was no surprise). It is well reported that 80% of the world’s global workforce is deskless – we meet them at our local coffee shops or restaurants, we see them working in supermarkets, doctors in hospitals, pharmaceutical or insurance sales people, bus drivers and delivery people –  Enabley is making it easier and more efficient to ensure these workers have access to all the training content they need, on the go, from any device and any time. 

How does the Enabley platform serve the deskless workforce?

Noticing the challenges of training deskless workers has been key in our development. Across the board, all industries suffer from a high workforce turnover or difficulties with training in different languages. In addition, workers may have different levels of technical understanding or capabilities. 

We see how they don’t all have email addresses, or constant access to the internet. We understand how they might learn better in different languages or need direct access to manuals or training items while in the flow of work. We appreciate that they work different times shifts and flexible schedules. 

By creating an easy to use, interactive mobile training platform, Enabley makes learning and development accessible for all Deskless workers. Training is quickly available offline or via QR codes for direct access and possible in various languages. With a mobile-first approach, Enabley always has our essential deskless workers in mind. 

What Does the Onboarding Journey entail?

Following a kick-off meeting to define KPIs and challenges, 4-5 training sessions will be arranged. Once the team is happy with everything, we will integrate any other system’s data. The champions will be busy preparing learning content to populate the system and we’ll be ready to “Go Live” and launch to the users. When everything is open and ready, we will ensure the support ticketing system is open and available for any users. It is important that the in-house champion is well-versed on any “easy-fix” issues but our support team are always on hand to offer any additionally needed help. Regularly “Health checks” and follow up meetings will be arranged with the allocated Customer Success Managers.

What should I accept in terms of KPIs?

Some possible KPIs from using the Enabley platform could be:

  • Reduced Onboarding time
  • Reduced number of employee or partner questions – they have access to more content and more global messaging.
  • Raise the number of people using content and learning
  • Gather information about external users – most engaged, busiest learner
What is the Support Process?

We will ensure your in-house champion is well-informed about tackling the majority of any issues encountered. Our global support team is available around the clock to provide hands-on assistance for those harder-to-solve matters.

Does Enabley Use any AI features?

Yes, our AI called MagiContent, has been built into the platform since the beginning – since before people even used chatGPT on a daily basis! 

It started as MagiContent questions, suggesting engaging content or question options. And these days, we’re incorporating all sorts of GenAI features and super-charging the MagiContent. 

In the next step, our platform will include further AI software affecting and optimizing all sorts of areas of the platform from instruction and learning to report generation, administration, and even accessibility. 

Are you a cloud-based solution or on-premise?

We are a cloud-based solution.  
However users are able to download the content to use anywhere, anytime. 

Who creates the content?

The Enabley platform makes it so easy to create content that anyone can do it. The client loads their training material with ease and utilizes the built-in AI feature, MagiContent where necessary. A vast content library is also readily available, in many languages, with courses ready to choose from covering a wide range of topics from management to mindfulness. 

Is Enabley suitable for non-Deskless workers?

Sure! The platform is great for anyone, amongst our clients you can find Hi-Tech companies, financial institutions and more, while our focus will always remain empowering the Deskless workforce. 

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