"enabley helped us save 79% of the training cost in respect to our previous solution, while maintaining the effectiveness and dimensions of our training"


Coca Cola
System Learning Manager


"As a fitness company, quality training is critical to prevent injuries. enabley allowed us to train our employees effectively while reducing training costs by 30% and training time by 66%. Due to enabley's blended learning practices, our trainers completed their online certifications with a success rate close to 100%."

Samuel Tsui
Assistant General Manager


enabley's software makes onboarding employees much faster, smoother, and more efficient. Through using enabley's report feature, we can understand what practices work best, personalize our training, and know which specific team members need guidance in which fields.

Doron Pryluk
Director of Customer Solutions


Previously, we conducted all of our training in person; however, enabley has used blended learning methodologies to help us digitize our training procedure. enabley has prevented clinics from being closed and has kept our operation strong because it is a platform that adapts to our needs.

Elsa Chavez
Training and Development Manager

BDO Academy

"enabley is an advanced, easy-to-use training platform which helped us improve our training efficiency within just a few weeks. enabley allowed us to reduce costs and supplement more courses to reach a higher number of learners, without having to hire additional instructors and allocate more class space."

Gal Zanzuri

Alma Lasers

"With enabley, we can deliver digital training to our employees worldwide while saving training time and costly Technical Experts teams. We love enabley's easy content creation features and insightful reports, which help us understand what works and what doesn’t work, so we can further improve our training."

Oren Zarka
Director of Customer Service

Tel Aviv University

"Enabley provides us with the tools to maintain excellence at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine. Echo’s unique and innovative technology changed the way we train our learners and increased long-term retention. This allows us to save our lecturers' time and increase our learners’ engagement and performance."

Dr. Masha Gouzman
Lecturer at TAU


"Enabley has improved the behavioral and technical development of our employees, generating instant updates of procedures and increasing the agility of our information distribution. enabley ensures greater integration within our franchise network, improved training and retention, and consequently, profitability."

Rosana Mendes
Training Manager