Introducing Unified Content: The best way to build solid business training

Unified Content

It’s finally here! TIME To KNOW is excited to announce the introduction of a brand-new online corporate training builder that equips employees, partners and customers with vital company information in minutes! It’s time to easily create training content, collaborate across teams and measure the level of critical business knowledge understanding across your entire organization.   

With this release of what TIME To KNOW calls ‘Unified Content’, corporate training has just been taken to a whole new level. Unified Content, a one of a kind training builder, prides itself on ease of use and super quick training creation. 

Not a trainer? Not a problem! 

One of the major strengths of the new builder is that it empowers trainers, managers and employees by giving all of them the opportunity to build and deliver effective training. 

Now, TIME To KNOW has made it possible, even for non-instructional designers, to create and build successful training materials. Any subject matter expert across any division in the entire business can quickly and easily create a training course in minimal time, ensuring that vital business information is distributed to internal and external teams. 

You’ve got training in different file types, our training builder has the solution. 

Maybe you’ve been faced with the challenge of having to put together a training piece that incorporates an excel document, a PDF file and even a video. Well, up until now, this would have been a hassle. Finally, Unified Content makes it possible to combine training files of different formats, all into one unified training piece.  

With TIME To KNOW, building a course that incorporates different file types is no sweat. Word, Excel, PPT, pages from PDF documents, YouTube, Vimeo and your own MP4 videos can all be merged into one item. Easily arrange and rearrange such file in any order that you like, via the new training builder. 

It is so simple to use that all it takes is to click on a slide in the thumbnail bar, drag and drop it into the order you wish. Once published, the end-user receives a streamlined, unified and smooth training experience. 

CREATE. Enrich, engage and interact 

Adding interactions into your training is now easier than ever before. Enriching and engaging features are enhancing the training experience. Videos, images, audio, web and questions, just to name a few, assist managers and trainers in making training much more exciting and enjoyable. 

Through interactions that present stimulating learning experiences, employees are constantly engaging with their training – giving managers more opportunities to gain valuable insights into business knowledge levels. 

Embedded interactions are just the start. Once an interaction has been embedded into the content itself, it can be pulled and placed into any location on the slide, through a click and drag of the mouse – giving trainers and managers even more control.  

When you want to keep the layout neat, clean and organized, you can take advantage of TIME To KNOW’s hotspot interaction. Employees can click on the pulsating icon to open it, where an interaction of your choice will be made available for them to answer. 

For interactions that like to stand out, you can also dedicate them to their own whole page to suit standalone needs.  

*(user view) – Interactions can be embedded directly into the content, ensuring maximum engagement and participation.  

SHARE. Easily deliver knowledge throughout your teams       

Once you have successfully built your training piece; the next step is choosing who needs to receive it. Your training materials can be sent to any employee, partner or customer – anywhere and at any time. Compatible across devices and locations, employees benefit from training on the go through mobile as they get better training while they are on the bus, in the car or even on the train.   

With 68% of employees wanting to learn in the flow of work, our new Unified Content builder ticks the necessary boxes to meet this demand – making training a part of their day that is looked forward too.    

MEASURE. Made to measure knowledge levels  

Gone are the days where sending an email with numerous files and attachments would sit in employee inboxes – totally unnoticed and ignored. TIME To KNOW allows you to follow and track the progress of your employees, customers and partners – seeing who opened, who read and who understood their training.  

Forget about the stress of wondering if your employees meet compliance standards or are equipped to sell your brand-new product in the most efficient way.  

With TIME To KNOW you can find out exactly which people across your business know and don’t know crucial business information. As a trainer or manager, keeping track of exactly who knows what through real-time BI insights and results, ensures the quick closing of knowledge gaps

TIME To KNOW’s new look and feel 

Inspired by maximizing and improving the overall training experience from start to finish, the content builder has a super intuitive and unbeatable UX design, bringing an even better look and feel. The layout is easy on the eye and everything is at the fingertips of the person creating the course.   

Not only are different training materials unified within a single course, but employees are unified and aligned as well. TIME To KNOW allows you to ensure that employees are in sync with the necessary information they need to know across the business.  

TIME To KNOW is proud to be pioneering new and exciting ways for the betterment of the entire business training experience. Through advanced technologies, Unified Content has bettered the way organizations create, share and measure vital business knowledge.   

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