The first-ever platform that automatically creates interactive training content!

Automatic Training Creation

TIME To KNOW has something up its sleeve. Wondering what it is? Some trainers call it ‘magic’ – and it’s revolutionizing microlearning and training. MagiContent turns flat and boring content into an interactive training experience, all while measuring learner engagement through metrics and insights. Through an auto-enrichment AI algorithm, MagiContent ‘learns’ training material and automatically creates instant testable assessments, allowing for immediate feedback and engagement with learners.

Modern magic

Time isn’t an abundant resource for business professionals. By making training easy, quick and efficient, MagiContent delivers training material through engaging and exciting methods. With 76% of adults in advanced economies claiming to own a smartphone, constant connectivity is enabling remote on-the-go training. TIME To KNOW’s MagiContent training technology is custom made to suit the learning needs, standards and lifestyle of the modern-day business professional.

How it works

All the hard work is done for you with the help of a magical and smart AI algorithm. Simply upload your presentation, allow MagiContent to perform its wizardry and you will have all the testing and assessment material that you need. Feel free to add, remove or change content as you feel necessary. Assessments and questions are not just pulled out of a hat. MagiContent uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, pedagogic knowhow, and a proprietary algorithm to create interactions out of existing content.

MagiContent by TIME To KNOW minimizes the effort and reduces the workload of busy trainers. Hours of work can now be done in minutes, saving valuable time. A simple slide presentation can now be transformed into amazing interactive learning sessions. Expect ‘Aha’ moments when the magic unfolds before your very eyes.

Gone are the days where employees passively up-skill from slide presentations. Today, the new world of learning and up-skilling enables trainers and learners to bridge the communication gap. MagiContent delivers enriched content to learners in an interactive way that keeps them engaged – making training much more efficient.

Watch as the magic unfolds

Through metrics and results, content creators can tweak and adjust course material to better fit and benefit learners.

MagiContent is taking off its gloves to bring you the best knowledge platform. From medical training and retail to insurance and compliance, up-skilling is opening to new learning practices that save time and money.

Micro-testing methods such as fill in the missing words and match the columns provide the opportunity to internally certify professionals with your testing standards. Boosting productivity, the speeding up of learning and accessing and retaining knowledge are all benefits in the adoption of MagiContent’s active learning practices. MagiContent has taken auto-interactions to a new level as videos and other media can be analyzed and enriched.

MagiContent has hit the sweet spot by combining education, psychology and technology. Learners and business professionals can now stay ahead and not fall into the knowledge gap. With shorter training and better learning, TIME To KNOW is bringing active learning to professionals – so they can consistently perform at their best.

TIME To KNOW’s one of a kind active learning tool is ahead of the rest and has now set the standard for what is expected in the new generation of professional training. 

It’s time to find out how enabley can benefit your business!