Measurable Training ROI through Mobile Micro-Learning

We’ve already established the critical role that a skilled deskless workforce plays in an organization’s success and how we can directly impact their success through correct training. So how do we find the correct training for each individual? How can we measure the success of training in general? With the shift to digital training and micro-learning, what are some of the measurable benefits of micro-learning? We’ve also seen the unique challenges faced while training and upskilling the Deskless Workforce. Traditional training methods struggle to cater to the mobile nature and lack of consistent desk access, but only 1% of the $300 billion spent annually on software goes towards technologies designed for deskless workers (Forbes). This lack of investment translates to a workforce feeling unsupported and undervalued.

Moreover, a staggering 60% of deskless workers are reported to be unsatisfied with the technology provided for training (Forbes). Many large organizations suffer from Low Completion Rates of training. This can be due to bulky manuals or lengthy eLearning modules being cumbersome and time-consuming. Deskless Employees simply don’t have the time or consistency to complete traditional face-to-face training programs. The training might not even be in an understandable language to start with!

There is Limited Knowledge Retention when it comes to classroom or outdated teaching methods that often rely on a one-time face-to-face learning experience. Over time, critical information is forgotten, negating the training’s impact. Making manuals more interactive and easily downloadable increases retention tenfold! Can even design them in multiple languages and engaging quizzes or videos. The connection between traditional training and key business metrics like productivity and error rates can be difficult to quantify. Digital training adds an ability to monitor and track the Indirect Impact on Business Metrics of training.

Adding Mutual Benefits of Micro-learning Apps

So when we look at technology as an added benefit to employees, 78% of deskless workers consider technology a major factor when choosing a job. Outdated training methods can be a significant turn-off for skilled talent. In fact, over 40% of deskless workers consider quitting due to a lack of support or training opportunities. This high turnover rate translates to a significant cost burden for companies.

These statistics paint a clear picture: traditional training methods are failing to meet the needs of deskless workers, and therefore impacting your training ROI. The company is losing out the benefits of mobile micro-learning. Deskless workers who are unequipped with knowledge or the correct training, experience lower productivity, higher error rates, and increased safety risks.

Deskless woman worker working in a factory, walking holding a tablet

Bridging the Training Gap

Delivering bite-sized microlearning modules via a training app provides your deskless workforce with accessible, engaging training—anytime, anywhere. Using a Deskless all-in-one training platform and app like Enabley, gives you access to key performance indicators and useful tools.

Benefits of Mobile App Micro-learning with Enabley:

  • Increased Training Completion Rates: Mobile accessibility and interactive formats promote higher completion rates compared to traditional training methods. Studies show that microlearning can increase completion rates by up to 50% and add interactive elements to achieve even more.
  • Direct access to on-the-job training content via scannable QR codes leading to in-app learning material.
  • With intuitive easy-to-use Content Creation and Enabley’s unique Magic Questions AI feature, it’s simple and quick to design new training content to save time and keep up to date.
  • Improve Knowledge Retention with Microlearning and Hybrid learning opportunities. Research suggests that microlearning can improve knowledge retention by up to 25% and giving hybrid training options encourages participation.
  • Boost revenue and ROI with Enhanced Productivity & Reduced Errors. Well-trained deskless workers in manufacturing, logistics, or telecoms, lead to improved efficiency and fewer errors, directly impacting your bottom line.
  • When there is Elevated Employee Satisfaction deskless workers foster a sense of value and dedication to their organization, reducing turnover rates and creating a mutually beneficial working environment.

With valuable insights via modern training technology like Enabley, takes the guesswork out of the effectiveness of your training programs. Enabley empowers you to track key performance metrics and monitor each individual’s retention and uptake. With this data, show your Deskless workers the true heroes that you believe they are and lead with driven decisions, and a collaborated workforce. Be able to continuously refine, refresh, and re-energize to maximize your impact!

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