Meet our Heroes: Jessica May – The Enabley End-Users

One of the Enabley Heroes - a nurse with her tablet to learn on

A Nurses odyssey into learning and nurturing

The corridors of the Great Heart Hospital were usually a tranquil area, apart from the occasional tune hummed by nurse, Jessica May. As a deskless healthcare worker, she moved with a boundless spirit, her enthusiasm infectious to anyone she encountered. She was the type of person who genuinely loved people, and her job was more than just taking care of her patients; it was an opportunity to connect with others.

Every day, Jessica, Jessie to her friends, spread some joy where countless stories unfolded. Finding her peace while dealing with the most difficult of situations, she loved the idea that within those wards, people laughed, cried, healed, and created memories. It was her window into the lives of strangers, her chance to nurture and protect and she relished the chance to imagine the tales of all who managed to get better and go home.

In her spare moments, Jessie’s mobile became her portal to the wider world. Despite her modest background, she was hungry for knowledge and aspired to learn about different cultures and places. With the touch of a screen, she explored distant lands, and exotic cuisines, and dreamt of a day when she could traverse the globe. Her thirst for knowledge wasn’t just for herself; she wanted to share these stories with guests she encountered.

With dreams extending way beyond her current role, Jess managed to stay on top of her designated learning paths while absorbing everything she could about natural healing or business management.

With a twinkle in her eye, she often spoke about her ultimate ambition: owning a small hotel. She envisioned a place where guests felt not just welcomed but cherished, where each room told a unique story, and where she could take care of a community of travelers who shared their tales.

To this extent, she found business courses in the online learning library, amongst the more technical ones about the natural medicines or techniques she had to know about.

As well as everything else, Jessica recently added a new chapter to her life – marriage. She wedded her soulmate, Chris, in a colorful ceremony filled with love, laughter, and warmth. At home, there was a furry friend named Melvin, a mischievous cat with a penchant for knocking things off shelves.

In the quiet hours before sleep, Jessie shared snippets of the day’s adventures and ideas for the future. The newlyweds dreamed together, not just about personal aspirations but also about the world they hoped to explore hand in hand. The world might seem vast, but to Jess and Chris, it was a treasure trove waiting to be uncovered.

As Jessica May moved through her days with unwavering energy and a heart full of dreams, she left a trail of warmth and inspiration in every room she touched. Jessie was determined to make every move she made a memorable one – for herself and for all those who crossed her path.

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