Meet our Heroes- The Enabley End-Users: Robert White

Supermarket by Day; Superstar by Night

Robert lived a life defined by duality. By day, donning his supermarket uniform, he diligently stocked shelves and ensured customers found everything they needed. And by night, transformed into DJ RubyRu, entertains in the underground electronic drag music scene. That’s right. While Robert’s routine began early flicking on the fluorescent lights, his nights were filled with dazzling glitz and colourful lights. 

Robert, rearranging cans and boxes with precision puts into place the supermarket brand standards that he learned in onboarding. It was during one of the mandatory compliance training sessions at work when Robert stumbled upon a new learning resource. The supermarket had recently adopted an online training platform to streamline learning processes and it included an amazing content library full of things to learn. 

Intrigued, Robert dove in headfirst. Whenever he had a spare moment—during breaks, after shifts, and in quiet hours, he absorbed everything he could about inventory management, safety protocols…. and makeup. The courses taught him the intricacies of all his workstations. Food hygiene equipment or sculpturing, mixing colors or beats, and mastering the makeover. His portable mixing deck and huge stylist kits became most trusted companions, the tools through which he honed his craft.

Robert the Deskless Supermarket Worker by Day/ DJRubyRu by night

As readily as Robert reached those high shelves, DJRubyRu’s rise to fame was about to take off and become as flamboyant as her wigs. Her turntable wizardry and infectious enthusiasm had the dance floor pulsating every weekend. But, secretly, behind the glittering persona was a Robert with a thirst for knowledge that extended far beyond the supermarket aisles. Robert was often found glued to his phone between the aisles, devouring online content. He’d lose himself soaking up sensational contouring tutorials, or dabble in the occasional quiz about food safety and hygiene, (learning is fabulous after all).

Micro-Learning and Macro-Balancing

Balancing two demanding worlds was no easy feat. There were days when Robert worked twelve-hour shifts. His muscles aching from lifting heavy boxes and his mind weary from the constant customer interactions. Yet, he never let his passion for music and learning slide. The long hours during the week allowed him to free up his weekends for travel, taking his distinctive DJ sets to clubs and festivals across the region. And as DJ RubyRu’s name started to gain traction, her sets praised for their originality and energy, Robert never forgot his roots. The dedication and work ethic he developed from his supermarket job carried over into many different aspects of his life, driving him to continue, improve, and succeed.

From stocking shelves to commanding dance floors, Robert’s effervescent energy epitomizes the true meaning of a modern super-hero. Blending the mundane with the extraordinary. Robert, and DJ RubyRu, are a testament to the multifaceted nature of the deskless workforce. Juggling physical demands with a creative spirit, finding pockets of learning amidst the daily grind. And who knows, maybe one day he’ll create his own online learning course on “Captivating Crowds and Workplace Safety”.

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