Mobile Learning: 5 Advantages for Your Business

Benefits of mobile learning

Mobile learning is a game-changer in the world of corporate training   

It is difficult to imagine a world without mobile. Today, employee training courses are being specifically designed to suit mobile requirements and are made to meet on-the-go training and working. Bite-size chunks of knowledge are being sent through cyberspace so they can ultimately land on employee’s screens in the most convenient and effective way. 

To keep up with the fast-paced nature of knowledge sharing, prioritizing mobile training is a must. With more than five billion people around the world using mobile devices – owning a phone, laptop or tablet is not only a privilege anymore, but a necessity! 

It is easier than ever before for trainers and managers to deliver vital knowledge to their employees. TIME To KNOW has bolstered its mobile training capability to maximize training results and help employees stay in the know with what they need to know. 

By ensuring that your employees, partners and channels are utilizing mobile technology when completing the training that you assign to them, you are equipping them with more tools that they can use to work even better. 

The Benefits of Mobile Learning:

1. More Flexibility 

Mobile Learning is designed to be on the move. One of the major benefits of having a mobile device is that it is small enough to take with you wherever you are and ensure you have access to the information that you need, when you need it. 

All it takes is simply reaching into your pocket or bag to access training. Through apps and mobile websites, employees can gain information and knowledge while on the bus, in the car and even on foot. No longer is training bound to an employee’s physical location – with mobile learning, training can be done outside of the office. 

2. Higher Engagement 

Employee engagement is an essential word in the lexicon of corporate and business training.  It is the amount that an employee will participate and be active within a specific subject. Because of mobile devices, actively participating in training is easier than ever before – the challenge is making content relevant and exciting.  

A smartphone is an entertainment, lifestyle, multimedia, and knowledge center. Smart devices incorporate much of a person’s digital footprint into one place. On this single device where an employee concentrates so much of his/her life, it makes sense for trainers and managers to use it as an additional device for training. 

Mobile devices allow for notifications to alert an employee when new training material is made available. Synchronize this to a smartwatch – there is no excuse not to know when new material is ready to be learned. 

Through dashboards and results metrics, trainers can keep an eye on which employees are engaging with their training and which aren’t, having full visibility on who knows what in the company. 

3. Greater Collaborative Learning 

Striking a communication balance in your organization through mobile learning is key. Mobile supports easy communication through chat and messaging technology. For example, employees can liaise and discuss important ideas and knowledge with their co-workers, managers and trainers – in real-time and from wherever they are.    

Additionally, forums and virtual classes can host numerous employees while they all partake in training from the comfort of their home, office or other locations. 

4. Effective Microlearning 

For training on the go, microlearning hits the bullseye. Knowledge that is delivered in small bite-sized chunks ensures that training gets completed quickly and employees are not overloaded with knowledge – leading to higher knowledge retention. 

In terms of productivity, microlearning is the way to go. Every completion builds new motivation and confidence, improving employee attitude towards mobile learning.  

Also, it is easy to create microlearning training materials. Instead of building an entire full-length course, trainers only need to create short bursts of knowledge where Just in Time training is made possible – giving employees the right information exactly when they need it. 

TIME To KNOW’s Knowledge Stream is specifically designed to meet the need for on-going and open-ended training that needs to be shared quickly. Stream delivers bite-sized chunks of knowledge such as one-time product updates, promotions, new policy and regulation changes. It is built for speed – ensuring new knowledge is absorbed by employees in the quickest way possible. 

5. Convenient Multi-Device Support

Mobile is not just a phone. It is any portable computing device that includes smartphones, tablets, laptops and even smartwatches. By being able to access training across more than one device at the same time, the overall training experience can be greatly enhanced.  

Multi-device training is a catalyst for Learning in the Flow of Work, famously proposed by learning and development specialist Josh Bersin. With having your phone open while completing your regular daily work tasks, you can access all the information that you need – all at your fingertips. 

Accessing training material in the middle of the workday without having to break workflow and not getting out of ‘the zone’ is what benefits employees. Multi-device mobile training enables employees to access any piece of vital company information across any device. 

Let’s see how far we’ve come 

Mobile learning is still young. Some years ago, a mobile phone was the size of a brick. Today, it can fit inside your pocket and pack the power of a supercomputer. There are tremendous possibilities in the world of mobile learning.  

Companies need to continue to embrace this digital transformation, ensuring that their employees are staying up to date with relevant knowledge and remain in the know with what they need to know.  

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