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The Distinctiveness of Enabley

Offering a seamless content creation tool, encompassing the comprehensive capabilities of a dynamic Learning Management System (LMS) along with the responsive and engaging interface of a Learning Experience Platform (LXP), Enabley positions itself as a uniquely complete platform.

Interactive Content Creation

Effortless content creation: elevate learning with Enabley’s interactive tools
Easily create interactive, bite-sized content, with embedded video and VR, gamification, quizzes, polls, virtual classrooms and more. Increase learner retention and create amazing learning experiences!

Mobile First Learning Platform

Enhanced learning experience with the Enabley app, designed to make learning enjoyable, easy to follow, and accessible for everyone
Accessible from any mobile device with full offline functionality, so learners can join courses and consume content anywhere, anytime and on any device learning in the flow of work, enjoying on-demand and self-paced learning.

QR Codes

Bringing together the physical and digital worlds!
Generate QR codes allowing field workers to easily scan equipment, machinery, and any real-world location, for accessing timely training resources on the go. Scan employee tags to verify compliance-related certifications.

Offline On-The-Go Learning

Learning without boundaries: enabled for offline access
Field employees can download training content directly to their devices, enabling offline learning during periods without internet connectivity. Once they are back online, the platform automatically synchronizes their data, ensuring a smooth learning experience and consistent reporting.

Full SMS Functionality

Extend on-the-go mobile training to internal and external email-less audiences!
Simplified user registration, push notifications, and enhanced security with two-factor authentication – covering direct employees, franchisees, and contractors – all within a single platform. Global SMS coverage or integration with your SMS provider.

25+ Languages

Unlock a world of learning possibilities!
Immerse your learners in over 30 languages, breaking down barriers and fostering global engagement. Explore a truly inclusive learning experience with Enabley, where language is no longer a limitation.

Reporting & Analytics

Make informed decisions with data-driven insights to optimize your training strategies and empower your learners
Get automatic data insights and customizable reports, along with user-friendly BI tools and dashboards. Track and optimize future training by understanding content and course effectiveness, system usage, user activity & trends, skills heatmap, learner progress, performance, and manager reports.

Certified Training

Structured pathways for skill recognition, Growth, and regulatory compliance
Elevate your team’s expertise with Enabley’s Certified Training, seamlessly integrated throughout the employee lifecycle. Craft organized learning journeys and effective assessments that foster skill recognition, growth, and fulfill regulatory requirements.

Blended & Hybrid Learning Experiences

Blend eLearning and face-to-face meetings into a unified journey
Effortlessly blend self-paced eLearning and microlearning with virtual classrooms, live streams, and on-demand resources – all seamlessly integrated. Plus, Zoom’s complete integration means hassle-free virtual classrooms, webinars, and real-time sessions.

Update Streams

A constant flow of relevant insights for enhanced alignment
Empower your team with real-time information through Enabley’s Updates Stream. Keep your employees aligned and informed with a dedicated channel of up-to-date content. Ensure everyone is on the same page effortlessly, fostering a cohesive and informed workforce.

Social Learning

Connecting learners for engaging educational experiences!
Engage in discussions that matter, and stay connected through real-time messaging. Unlock the potential of interactive education as learners connect, collaborate, and embark on a journey of shared discovery.

An animated diagram of The mobile platform of Enabley
Content Library

Ready-to-use content to empower your learners experience
Dive into a diverse world of topics – from regulations and personal development to professional knowledge and beyond. Our multi-language content library meets your organization needs, empowering your learners with the right knowledge at the right time.

White Label Package

Make it your own!
Tailor-made iOS and Android apps, complete platform customization – all curated to embody your unique brand. With Enabley, it’s not just an LMS – it’s your LMS, leaving a lasting impact.

Sub Accounts

Customizing your learners experience under one centralized management
Easily oversee multiple brands within a single account, customizing language, design, and more for each while still keeping centralized management. Simplify your approach to brand diversity and tailor your learners’ experience.

Integrations and Technology

We’ve collaborated with top-tier technology providers to ensure exceptional training experiences.

SSO - Single Sign on
Mobile Apps
Training Intercompatibility
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