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What is Time To Know Platform?

Time To Know Platform combines active and social learning by providing engaging and interactive content for learners to work on individually and in groups. The editor creates interactive content by importing PDFs, PowerPoints, and other files and then applies them with media and interactive elements

Your first course

Create the course by adding lessons for your instructors and learners. Click on the Add Item button to generate online, interactive content by importing a PDF or PowerPoint file and then adding media and interactive objects. You can now create a practice activity, which consists entirely of media and interaction objects,ideal for a worksheet or learner-initiated quiz with feedback elements. An assessment is available on request, which is similar to the practice but without any feedback.

Edit your lesson

Revise your lesson by editing or deleting the content items that comprise the lesson. Go to a content item, open the context menu and then click on Edit. To remove a content item, go to the context menu and click Unpublish, if already published, and then Delete.

Upload or update existing content

Update the existing content item by clicking Edit on the context menu and then replace the current content by uploading a new external content file, like a PDF or PowerPoint. Also reorder, revise, delete, or create media and interaction objects.

Customize content

Edit the content item and then click on the Styling icon that appears on the main page. Customize the background color for the entire content item, set a default background color for an interaction, and define the default font style and color. Also change text and background color attributes for an individual interaction.

Add interactions

In the content item, the instructor can click the Add Interaction button on the main page to insert media objects like images, videos, audio, and so on. Select from a variety of interactions such as Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blanks, and Matching. When working with a PDF, select the page to where the interaction should appear. For a Practice activity or external content like a PowerPoint or SCORM file, where an internal Practice activity is displayed, interactions can be added and reordered by dragging. Click the Delete button that appears on the interaction toolbar to remove it.

Working with an interaction

Configure the interaction by setting a background color, adding feedback messages, selecting behavior options, and choosing from predefined tags.

Working with reports

Monitor learner progress and performance through the dashboard and reports. For a specific content item, open the context menu and click on Reports. The dashboard shows the number of participating learners, the average time of completion, the percentage of completed questions and success rate, and the average score percentage. A variety of reports allow the instructor to drill down to view detailed performance data by questions or learner activity.

Alert notifications

An alert notification is triggered when learner performance falls below a predefined threshold for many completed questions. The two available alerts are Low Success Rate and Difficult Content. After the alert is sent, the instructor has the option to send a message to the learner at this time.