What makes enabley unique?

enabley is an ALL-IN-ONE platform

With an easy and intuitive content authoring tool, all the features of a robust Learning Management System (LMS) and the agility and user experience of a Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

Content Authoring

Learning Management System

Learning Experience Platform

Mobile-first learning for Deskless and Remote worker

Accessible from any mobile device with full offline functionality, so learners can join courses and consume content anywhere, anytime and on any device learning in the flow of work, enjoying on-demand and self-paced learning.

Interactive Content Creation & Microlearning

Easily create interactive, bite-sized content, with embedded video and VR, gamification, quizzes, polls, virtual classrooms and more. Increase learner retention and create amazing learning experiences!

Certified Training

Formally certify your learners by creating structured learning pathways and assessments, and tracking progress and performance with manager dashboards.

Blended & Hybrid Learning

Seamlessly combine self-paced eLearning and microlearning with virtual classrooms, live streams; on-demand and in the flow of work.

Zoom is fully embedded into enabley so you don’t need a separate licence for virtual classrooms, webinars and real-time sessions!

Live Streams

Learners subscribe to streams and receive a continuous flow of content updates and ongoing knowledge.

Streams are great for providing product updates, daily contact centre briefings, promotions or regulatory updates in real-time.

Social Learning & Interaction

Embrace a culture of feedback and continuous improvement, through discussions and real-time feedback in a safe space.

Gamification & leaderboards

Boost engagement with a gamified learning experience, leaderboards, badges and achievements.

Flexible user management & notifications

enabley provides advanced and flexible user management functionality, so you can target learning – internally and externally, to any department or team, in any geographical location. Drive traffic to your platform through automated notifications.

Skills Heatmap

enabley leverages machine learning so you can identify your teams’ and organisation’s skills gaps.

Advanced reporting & data analytics

Identify struggling learners, identify skills gaps, track and measure learner performance and engagement and take action to enhance your training methods, with the help of smart data insights and customizable reports


Sell your digital training, webinars, live events and courses directly from enabley’s platform, integrated with Shopify and WooCommerce.