Estudo de caso Dan.IT

Key Results


Reduction in Instructor training time


Reduction in Content Creation Costs


The Company

Dan.IT specializes in offering training services to companies and IT professionals, providing training that is based on case studies and practical exercises that touch upon the strengths and motivations of each student.

The Challenge

Before TIME To KNOW, DAN.IT had no learning system and all training was performed frontally. Trainers would have to spend significantly more time on training through face to face and other training methods. DAN.IT wanted to shorten time to market (TTM) of learners/employee training and boost professional readiness, speeding up the entire training process from start to finish. The need to embrace digital training technologies was also identified and significantly contributed to the decision to adopt a digital training platform, that would ultimately ease in the creation and delivery of effective training material.

The Solution

TIME To KNOW was chosen due to its ease of use and easy content creation capability. With TIME To KNOW, DAN.IT was able to reduce its instructor led face to face training time by 20% as they were able to introduce blended training methods. Additionally, TIME To KNOW helped DAN.IT’s instructors free an extra 15% of their time through the easy to access and well organised learner BI records and reports.
A further 20% of content creation costs was saved as TIME To KNOW distributed vital information via its online training platform, minimising print and travel costs. DAN.IT reported that TTM was reduced to just 1 day of training while 300 content items were created within two week and distributed to over 100 users.

After evaluating many other training platforms, DAN.IT chose TIME To KNOW as it enabled us to incorporate blended learning methodologies by using digital learning together with frontal learning and helping us to “digitize” our training operation. Due to TIME To KNOW’s ease of use and quick training capabilities, we were able to reduce our instructors face-to-face training time by 20% with an extra 15% reduction on the shortening of instructors work checking - through smart record and report software. Additionally, we cut our content creation costs by 20%. We drastically shorted the time to market of our training and overall efficiency.”

Kseniia Stolbova | CEO, DAN.IT