TIME To KNOW Enhances its Training Solution with Adaptive Learning


We’re excited to release our new capabilities to enable you to tailor your training experiences by evaluating your employees’ performance, like never before. Using assessments to automatically assign the optimal learning content you can easily minimize the cost of training with TIME To KNOW By removing repetitive content, your employees will benefit from greater learner retention. Read on to see how it works.

Skill Tagging and Evaluation

The editor creates an assessment and tags each question with a skill. Corresponding content items are assigned with the same skill tags. So, if you have assessment questions that are assigned with specific skill tags, each corresponding item must represent one of these skill sets. In these content items are tasks that the learner must complete.

Creating an Adaptive Learning Path

To evaluate learners, the instructor creates a learning path with the assessment item and corresponding content items. The assessment item is enabled to adaptive learning. Here is an example of adaptive learning through the instructor view:

The learner completes the assessment and depending on his or her performance, the suitable content items become available in the personalized learning path. Content items that represent skills where the learner scored 100% in the screening assessment are skipped and appear as grayed out. See below an example of learning path report through the instructor view:

This means that only the content items that the learner needs to work with will show up again for them.

As a result, your organization will benefit from reduced training cost and greater learner retention. Furthermore, this will make all the difference in how your content is presented to the learner, providing a better training experience.

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