The Top 5 Ways to Get Your Learners to Love Your Courses


As an instructor, your time is precious. You have many things to consider, lesson plans, materials—all with the goal to reduce your courses’ dropout rates and maintain a high level of learner comprehension and satisfaction. So, what are the secrets to creating courses that keep your learners’ attention and helps them reach their full potential? Follow these five concepts and watch as your learners fall in love with your courses.

  1. Engage and Amaze your Learners with Interactive Elements

This is one concept that comes up a lot, but are you really using interaction in as many ways as you can?

For many instructors, it’s essential that their learners are enjoying their courses. “I have to be fun and engaging so students will come back for additional courses. Students have a lot of courses to choose from,” said Ryan Landry, a Hybrid Instructor at New Horizon Computer Learning Centers in the U.S.

Delivering fun and deep learning activities utilizing interactive content is one of the best ways to get your learners to fall in love with your courses. Here’s a quick list to check off.

Engage: Start by getting their attention with videos, GIFS, graphics, grab their attention by integrating this content into the learning material.

Entertain: Make it enjoyable with funny stories, examples, tips or tricks helps them to retain the information.

Educate: Test their new-found knowledge in interactive ways with a pop quiz, poll, and assessments.

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  1. Community-Based Learning

Instructors are an invaluable resource for learners providing customized instruction and one-on-one attention, although the instructor is not always available like during weekends or late-night studying sessions.

Many times, learners are left with frustrating problems when there should be information and direction readily available to them. Within digital learning this concept of readily available help is called micro-tutoring or on-demand tutoring or instructing.

Younger generations like millennials are used to an instant gratification culture and micro-tutoring fits in perfectly with their style of learning. This is just the beginning of what community-based education can do. With one-to-one mentor video options and messaging, digital learning is giving the learners a leg-up in their education.

  1. Assessment and Monitoring in Real-time

Connect with your learners online in real-time to offer support during the courses. This is one important step that often gets overlooked.

“Rather than simply evaluating whether or not a student answered a question correctly, we can now get a peek into what’s happening in the minds of students,” says Matthew Lynch an educational consultant and editor of The Edvocate.

“One way to do this is by recording everything a student does digitally during an assessment. For Computers can also track what students click on, highlight, or re-read during an assessment. If a student clicks on the correct answer, then changes to an incorrect answer at the last minute, this could be recorded. Insights such as this will provide invaluable feedback on what students are thinking and where they might need further instruction,” says Lynch.

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  1. Extending your Offerings

One of the most exciting parts of being an instructor is growing your offering to expand your business. Upselling your services and reaching a new, wider audience is a goal that you should keep in mind. Digital learning allows you to retain your current learners by keeping up with the times and reach an entirely new audience, anywhere in the world. Retain and increase your customer base, using tools like Echo for Instructors, that allow you to bring your courses to a whole new audience using this cutting-edge blended learning platform.

  1. Distance Learning Lessons

One of the best ways to wow your learners is by offering distance learning lessons for your courses. Create part or all your courses online and take your offerings to the next-level. Your learners can join your course from anywhere, anytime and enjoy self-paced and independent learning.

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