TIME To KNOW Named as a Cool Tool Finalist at the 2019 EdTech Awards

Edtech awards Cool Tool

The 9th EdTech awards hosted TIME To KNOW as a 2019 global finalist. The EdTech awards is the largest and most competitive award program in the field of education technology throughout the world. With 15,000 EdTech companies globally, only the best software’s stand out in bringing the best training and learning platforms for business professionals and trainers.

Across three categories: ‘cool tool’, ‘leadership awards’ and ‘Trendsetter awards’, the biggest names in the EdTech industry accompany TIME To KNOW as finalists. The awards aim to recognize companies that are making outstanding contributions to shaping and transforming education through technology.

TIME To KNOW’s innovative approach to training brings the best of up-skilling and micro-learning practices to the market. Through VR, interactive learning and real time recommendations, TIME To KNOW has delivered positive learning results that effectively double the knowledge in half the time.

TIME To KNOW aims to constantly inspire and empower learners to take an active role in their learning. By providing trainers with the appropriate means to effectively train and develop their employees, a solution has finally been recognized that truly engages learners and makes up-skilling exciting for both learners and trainers. Why fit in, when you can stand out? TIME To KNOW is shaping the future of learning and training through courage and creativity.

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