Time To Know Partners with Deson Group in Greater China


Time To Know (T2K) is partnering with Deson Group, a listed company in Hong Kong, to bring T2K digital learning solutions to Greater China. The project will allow one of the most significant players in the fitness arena to digitize their training courses and widen their content offerings to their fitness trainers and over 30,000 club members.

T2K solutions will provide rich interactive content that is tailor-made for the world of sports and fitness. The training will be distributed in T2K Echo, the next-gen digital learning environment, and will closely connect the trainers and members, increasing the members’ engagement, motivation, and commitment. Furthermore, it will enable trainers to expand their user base and retain the loyalty of their existing members.

Megafit is one of the largest fitness and leisure brands in China with more than 20 club chains. Mr. Samuel Tsui, Megafit’s Director says the partnership will lead them into the future of digital learning. “We view rapid change in the training settings in China and a digital-based approach enables training on any device. By joining forces with Time To Know, we are providing our club members with a powerful digital Ed-Tech solution to upgrade the training experience,” said Mr. Tsui.

T2K is excited to partner with Deson Group and are confident that Megafit will provide high-value training using T2K digital learning solutions. “By closely connecting the trainers and members with Echo, trainers will be able to deliver effective training while growing the Megafit business,” said Yair Brosh, CEO of Time To Know.

About Time To Know  

Time To Know is an Ed-Tech solutions company with 15 years of experience and expertise. Our social, collaborative learning environment and 360° views of data analytics and actionable insights promote effective learning.

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