TIME To KNOW Reveals a Unique Self-Service Learning Platform for Instructors


We at Time To Know are excited to announce the launch of our newest platform, which provides a uniquely blended learning platform for individual instructors and small businesses intended to turn their expertise into a thriving business. TIME To KNOW is a complete self-service platform, where instructors can manage the entire learning process, easily create rich content to engage their learners with fun and interactive in-class and online courses, and drive exceptional learning experience.
Furthermore, TIME To KNOW provides the ability to effortlessly create a course catalog in its marketplace, even if you are not a tech-savvy, reach a massive amount of learners, and sell courses through an online store for a steady stream of revenue.


“On the one hand, the understanding that everyone can have something they would like to teach was what drove us to develop the TIME To KNOW learning platform”, says Yair Brosh, CEO, Time To Know. “ On the other hand, the market for online courses is massive and growing, as projections show that the E-learning market is forecast to surpass 243 billion U.S. dollars by 2022. So, it’s a great opportunity for instructors and small businesses to share their knowledge with people and create additional or main income”.

TIME To KNOW incorporates cutting-edge capabilities, from easy content creation and enrichment to real-time recommendations. Instructors and small businesses can deliver a unique learning experience like never before with interactive video, embedded VR and gamification, as well as communicate with their learners online through a virtual classroom and live chat. TIME To KNOW saves the instructor time and provides recommendations and insights regarding learner skills, content difficulty and engagement, allowing the instructor to identify struggling learners and to offer them support. The platform can be used to train your customers and partners about your product, new capabilities, and more.

“Since the world is becoming more interactive, gamified, and data-driven focused, it’s becoming clear that you need to go beyond standard solutions to create a real learning experience and achieve effective learning, as TIME To KNOW was designed to”, Brosh explains. “As more learning activities take place digitally, more data is collected, which can unveil additional actionable insights, shedding light on how to improve the learning process and achieve better business results.”

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