Time to Know’s Chief Scientist Presents T2K’s Research at ICFET London


Time to Know’s Chief Scientist Dr. Dovi Weiss presented his research at the International Conference on Frontiers of Educational Technologies (ICFET 2017) which was held at the Imperial College London on October 21-23,  as part of a workshop for ICKEA 2018.

The goal of the research was to evaluate the effects of learning mathematics with a born-digital, interactive eBook and digital teaching platform using Time To Know’s T2K Teach to facilitate a meaningful learning experience.

T2K Teach is a real-time learning system designed for a one-to-one 21st century environment. The learning experience and observations of a sixth grade class and their teacher were evaluated. Research was conducted using a qualitative-constructivist approach. 22 students, all of which studied at one school, were observed and interviewed. These students learned mathematics with an advanced eBook on the T2K Digital Teaching Platform.

Analysis of the observations and the interviews led to the identification of three themes relating to aspects of learning with a born-digital interactive eBook:

(1) Independent learning with collaboration

(2) Aspects of the technological environment and their implications

(3) The role of the teacher

Findings showed that learning mathematics with the T2K Teach born-digital interactive eBook, was characterized by a strong sense of relevance, learner involvement, a higher-level of value for the learner, more independent learning with collaboration and an overall positive learning experience. It seems that learning with a T2k Teach eBook promoted a meaningful learning experience.

The teacher perceived her role as the designer and manager of the learning process. Most of the students thought that it is easier to teach with an eBook and said that the teacher was no longer the only source of knowledge.

Dr. Dovi Weiss presenting at ICFET London 2017.

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