TIME To KNOW’s Google Chrome Virtual Assistant 

TIME To KNOW Chrome extension

An extension that extends your productivity  

One of today’s many business challenges is countering employee knowledge loss. Demonstrated through the EbbinghausForgetting Curve, over time, people forget important information because of a lack of knowledge maintenance. So, one of the solutions -bringing you knowledge just-in-time, right before you even know that you need it! 
Check out our Google Chrome extension as a virtual assistant.

With the Google Chrome extension’s deep search capability, any content in the TIME To KNOW platform can be searched for at any time and from anywhere.  

Using AI and NLP technology, the Google Chrome extension analyses the content of where the user is browsing and automatically suggests relevant content from TIME To KNOW’s platform. Only course administrators and selected users can add to the whitelist, making sure that only intended content can be analyzed.  

Deep search, rich knowledge results  

Specific courses and learning materials can now be accessed quickly and easily. When clicking on the TIME To KNOW extension icon, a search bar drops down – allowing a user to search for and call up ANY information from his/her TIME To KNOW account. By searching for a specific word, topic or even subject, users can retrieve information instantaneously – without even needing to switch web pages!    

Accessing desired knowledge is now super easy and super quick, saving valuable time and keeping users focused on the task at hand. With the extension, there is no need to search for courses manually - all it takes is searching via the extension’s search bar.  

For example, in a discussion with a prospective client, the client begins to mention a company competitor. A simple search via the extension in real time enables the sales rep to discover established information about the competitor and their offering – without having to break concentration.  

But wait, there is more!  

Useful websites are added to the Chrome extension’s whitelist by course administrators and users. Once added, the AI and NLP actively reads and understands the web content on the browsing session – offering suggestions from relevant and related TIME To KNOW content.

When the extension finds the content to suggest, a red notification appears on the extension icon. By clicking on the notification, the suggested content is presented within a list and knowledge becomes immediately available.   

For example, a new sales rep is conducting research on a competitor with whom he/she is not familiar with. The extension will identify the content and offer ‘suggestions’ based on similar knowledge, even before the sales rep knows that it is available.    

Knowledge is now at your fingertips. Relevancy, ease and simplicity are what drives the efficiency of the Chrome extension. The time has come to streamline access to knowledge!  

It’s time to find out how enabley can benefit your business!