Use Cases dev July 10, 2023

use cases

Product Releases

Announce updates and new features across all relevant departments and partners. Easily enrich release documents with interactive content, check the understanding level of each employee, and get granular data on all training activities.

Sales Training

Ensure your sales teams have instant access to the right knowledge and training, even out in the field. Whether it’s objection handling, negotiation, influencing skills, or the latest product updates make sure that they can sell with absolute ease and confidence, winning business and driving growth. Give your sales reps on-the-go access to everything they need.

Customer Service and Customer Success Teams

Give your customer service reps the training they need for exceptional customer experiences. Equip them with skills for effective communication, empathy, and handling difficult situations. Improve customer onboarding and satisfaction with a well-trained, customer-facing team.


From project management to frontline professionals working in distribution centers or on the assembly line, direct mobile-first access to content provides tighter security and learning in the flow of work. Boost compliance by activating training manuals via QR codes, establishing greater operational excellence.

People Managers

Train managers and give them access to expert coaches so that they become inspiring business leaders who engage their teams and drive high performance. Develop people management skills from building resilience and emotional intelligence, performance management and decision-making skills, leading change, and what it means to be an inclusive leader.

Remote and Deskless workers

Remote teams and deskless workers have access to everything at any time, wherever they are. In factories, on the shop floor, out in the field or delivering goods, teams are aligned, feel connected, and have an amazing onboarding experience with easy access to training and knowledge to develop their critical capabilities.

Distribution Channels

Learning is Earning!

Train your partners, affiliates, and distributors on how to best sell your products and services and onboard their own customers. Teach them how to promote your brand correctly, update them with the latest product features, and boost alignment effectively and efficiently.

Employee Training

Whether your team are customer facing, out in the field, or behind a screen, it has never been easier to ensure the whole team is adequately trained. With Enabley’s mobile-first training platform, ensure that all employees, wherever or whenever they work, have access to the same training manuals and learning content. Give them the option to discuss with their peers and easily be able to monitor their understanding by accessing reports and granular data.

Onboarding Training

Provide the whole team with the skills and confidence to communicate your product and messaging effectively. Ensure the team is able to empathize with customers or manage challenging situations. Enable everyone to better train and onboard new customers and boost customer satisfaction and retention.

Compliance Training

Establish an effective channel for all frontline or assembly line workers to stay compliant with any health and safety or governmental regulations. Instill QR codes on machinery or at vital locations in the facility to provide further information or training on equipment or procedures.

External Distribution Training

Announce updates and new features to all relevant partners, affiliates, and distributors. Ensure everyone knows how to best sell your products and services and onboard their own customers. Teach them how to promote your brand correctly, update them with the latest product features, and align everyone with the same messaging, globally, and in their language.

Remote Training

Give all employees access to the same training content, no matter their location, with Enabley's mobile-first learning platform. It offers real-time video conferencing, interactive tools, and available content for remote training. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy and efficient to deliver engaging sessions to teams, regardless of their geography. Empower your organization with Enabley to achieve learning objectives remotely.

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