Use this Humanizing Training Approach for Amazing Results and ROI


Learning experts are putting a lot of emphasis on the employee experience these days, but many managers and trainers are confused as to how it benefits their organization.

As employees are looking for more ways to grow in their jobs and keep their skills relevant, creating a human touch to your HR and training programs is key to a successful organization. So, what exactly can humanizing your organization’s training do and how will it lead to meeting every challenge?

Managers need to be aware that learning and training are very human experiences.

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As leaders, HR managers, or training managers you have the charge of inspiring your employees. First however, as Angela Maiers, an entrepreneur and leadership expert says, you need to connect with the person to ever get anywhere “you need to secure the heart or you don’t have a shot at their brains or business,” says Maiers.

People need to be noticed, valued, and to feel essential to their organizations says Maiers. “The issues that come up the most are the same for everyone. People need to be heard, they ask: hear me, help me feel proud, help me see my value, help me grow, help me see my importance.”

Technology can make a change in your organization if properly used:

Blended learning and training has the potential to be used in a more humanistic way, leading to more satisfied employees.

The challenges to achieve effective learning are shown in the The Forgetting Curve.

There are ways to overcome the forgetting curve, through active learning which encourages the learner to be engaged, increases the learner’s ability to express themselves to be heard and seen, even allows shy learners to speak up  “implement cutting-edge Ed-Tech Solutions to ignite meaningful learning,” says Dr. Dovi Weiss, Chief Scientist at Time To Know.

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