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Say goodbye to knowledge gaps

Get ready to embark on a journey into a new and exciting world of corporate training!
Join us for a webinar to find out what ‘Unified Content’ and ‘Stream’ are all about.


When: December 3rd | 16:00 GMT


Meet the host

Ido Miran Director of Product Management at TIME To KNOW

Find out how TIME To KNOW helps you streamline and speed-up knowledge alignment within your business through:

Unified Content

  • Bring together multiple files of any format into one single training content
  • Learn how to add engaging interactions that can be embedded directly into your content
  • Allow anyone in your business to easily create interactive training

Updates Stream

  • Create and deliver short bursts of knowledge updates in minutes
  • Take advantage of the ultimate training solution for new product information, new promotions and new policy change
  • Measure levels of business information and get full visibility on knowledge gaps


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