What’s the Forgetting Curve & How to Improve your Memory (infographic)


How strong is the human memory?

The answer is quite disappointing. We usually forget 90% of what we had learned in class within 30 days.

The majority of the forgetting occurs within the first 9 hours after class. So, shockingly, after one working day, we forget about 35% of the information we have learned!

Here is a typical forgetting curve:

The curve was discovered by Hermann Ebbinghaus, a German psychologist who pioneered the experimental study of memory. He was also the first person to describe the learning curve.

The forgetting curve illustrates the decline of memory retention over time. The forgetting curve describes the exponential curve that illustrates how quickly we tend to forget the information we have learned. The sharpest decline is in the first twenty minutes, then in the first hour, and then the curve evens off after about one day.

So, as a training/learning professional what can you do to overcome the forgetting curve negative effect?

The most effective answer to the above question is: Active Recall.

Active recall is a principle of efficient learning, which claims the need to actively stimulate memory during the learning process. It contrasts with a passive review, in which the learning material is processed passively (e.g. by reading, watching, etc.). For example, reading a text about George Washington, with no further action, is a passive review. Answering the question “Who was the first US President?”, is an active recall. Active recall is very efficient in consolidating long-term memory (Wikipedia).

The following diagram illustrates the effect of active-recall on the forgetting curve.

So, the key to memory? You must remember the forgetting curve! But…

How can you cost-effectively create an active-recall environment for the learners in your organization?

The one and only answer to the above question is computer-based learning.

By implementing a proper learning platform in your organization you will enable your learners to easily and efficiently reinforce the knowledge and skills that they had learned. The key to overcoming the forgetting curve is to use a platform that enables active and social learning which creates insights for you in order to tailor the optimal learning activities.

Tools like Echo are making it easier than ever for all kinds of learners to be able to receive tailored lessons and their instructors or management to be able to create fantastic content that not only helps the learner recall information better but is also fun and interactive.

Echo also lets you stay on top of the learning process by receiving a 360-degree view of data analytics, and real-time alerts on learner progress and performance for just-in-time intervention. Create high-level visual reports with insightful BI tool to make date-driven business decisions.

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